2 step verification remove

I requested to remove my 2step authy security pass like 18 days ago. pls i waited 17 days now and my request is for removing authy is not made. pls take a look.

cc @cory @asad for assistance here

Taking a look at this. I’ll DM you @Begjan

Hello again. i notice something like 10 days ago that when i try to log in my brave account it was said that i requested to remove my 2 step verification. i didn’t requested but i saw that notification on 2 step verification code step page. then i removed my request and saw my 3.80 bat was about to transfer to my uphold account on October 8th this month but now its said pending. please i waited to receive my 3.80 bat like 2 months ago when i requested to removed my 2step verification. but my request was made. and i readded my 2 step verification but not requested to remove it again. pls take a look and make me able to receive my bat tokens like usual. It feels like from brave i see many problem with browser tokens and other things. when it will be solved? so reply me soon as you read my new reply

regarding Begjan

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