2 serious bugs in Brave render/operations

  1. External AUTH/OAUTH request (and any auth requests) don’t works - window is just hangs or loading endless.
    How to check:
  • Enter Google Play Store
  • Choose app
  • Press “Install” button
  • Instead of asking for credentials, you will see endless loading circle
    The same are at the other sites utilizing Google AUTH/OAUTH.
  1. External files can’t be opened from the system, if Brave already running.
    How to check:
  • Associate .pdf with Brave in system settings
  • Try to open pdf file from the Explorer
  • If Brave is not running, you will have 2 windows - one with old session, other with pdf file you opened
  • If Brave already running, nothing happened.
    Ctrl+O open file in new tab without issue.

(Both issues are for Windows 10x64 OS)