2 questions about Brave. Notifications + taskbar button issue

Hi all
1st question; I want to know, how do I block all websites from asking me if I want notifications? I only see the option for blocking each page as I visit. But that is still really annoying. Is there a setting to just block every single website I ever visit from trying to notify me?

2nd: Brave is the only program I have ever known to not minimise when I click the taskbar icon. It maximises from the taskbar icon, but it will never minimise. It also won’t minimise with the hotkey “Windows + M” Which is just a bit annoying because I very rarely have my mouse pointer in the top right corner to use the “old-school” minimise button. Is there a way to fix this? Could it be one of the tabs that is causing it?


brave://settings/content/notifications just like any other permission brave://settings/content

Windows + M works fine in my Brave, just like minimizing with a click works fine when only one window exists, so who knows what’s up in your computer.
Window management is not exactly something programs can just change, when they are just behaviors set by the OS Shell, like System wide shortcuts and clicking on the icon to restore/minimize which will not change regardless of program.

Thanks thats one thing done!
About the minimising… As I say, all other programs minimise properly. I really don’t know why Brave doesn’t. It has let me do it maybe 5 or 6 times total in the last few months. If I figure it out I’ll update the thread!

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