2 or more updates reduced the available space for bookmark names

Description of the issue:
This is NOT about the initial items (folders/directories) that are visible on the bookmark bar before interaction with the bookmark bar.
I have seen several threads about that and none of them discussed what happens AFTER a click on those top level directories.

Gradual decrease of available space for text of both bookmark folder names and bookmark names.

If this is not a bug (if someone thought it would be a smart “design choice” to decrease the established length of text) then please banish them to live as goat herders on a steppe, never to touch a keyboard again.

The bug is in all dropdown menus that open when either a folder (directory) on the bookmark bar is clicked or any subdirectory (subfolder) within such a dropdown is opened by hovering on it.

The available space has decreased gradually after at least 2 different updates, probably since at least a month (possibly a few months) and the reduction of space seems to be a permanent bug, not fixed by subsequent updates.

After the first decrease I created shorter names for new directories to fit into the decreased space without broken end of name hidden by “…” at the end. This seems to be futile for several reasons:

  1. at least one subsequent update caused another reduction of the available space, so most of my new directory names are broken off just like the longer older names,
  2. there is no telling how many more updates might keep on reducing the available space - this needs a permanent solution that restores the original space which was available just a few months ago,
  3. creating shorter folder names is NOT a reasonable solution since I have thousands (probably tens of thousands) of bookmarks in a deeply nested folder structure with probably thousands of directories.

Yes: thousands of DIRECTORIES. Many more bookmarks. The export in HTML is 32,877,404 bytes as of now. That size is NOT caused by any error. I just make bookmarks every day since decades because search engines were always unreliable.

The space available now can roughly fit something like
“Nene, Subaru, Aqua, Marine, Ina, Ollie, Kaela, Botan”
without the quotes.
This does not fit any more:
“Koyo keeps losing on Watame’s Gacha since Bae left :)”
it’s displayed as
“Koyo keeps losing on Watame’s Gacha since Bae l…”

Now I can not check which older directory names were completely displayed before the buggy updates.
It was extremely rare for me to intentionally create directory names that would be truncated, e.g.
intended to be found by a search phrase with any combination of the included names.

But usual directory names were made to fit most of the available space WITHOUT being truncated if they contained phrases, e.g.
“2023.9.27 Suisei’s 2 million subs endurance singing stream :)”
“Ya think Sora’ll kill me if I call her to Women’s Hall? - Okayu :)”
“Sora’s cat cafee - 宿屋うるる亭 (やどやうるるてい Ururu Inn) :)”
“Mio eavesdropping on ShubaChocoLuna strategy meeting :)”
“I wanna try! - Okayu… Oh! Okayu senpai! Waah! - Everyone :)”
“You’d help me with anything, right? - Matsuri… Anything - Aki :)”
“Pekora decides to grab diamonds Coco & Rushia left behind :)”
“Pekora fixed PekoRushi house instead of grabbing diamonds :)”
“Chat rats out Pekora stealing Rushia’s diamonds to Mikeneko :)”
“Compilation: FuwaMoco’s POV of red team training with Towa :)”

Possibly even a bit longer ones were completely visible, e.g.
“song [Demon Slayer] Kanjiro and Iguro sang on White Day [King Gnu]”
but the above could be another type of intentionally long enough to be truncated exception intended for search.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Try the above mentioned examples without quotation marks for folder names.
They will be truncated with “…” at the end.

Expected result:

If you have access to old versions of Brave, you should see the entire text without “…” at the end.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

2024-06-29 14:08:11 copy & paste from brave://settings/help :
Brave is up to date

Version 1.67.123 Chromium: 126.0.6478.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
OS build 19045.4412