2 MONTH rewards ads not received

hi, After and Later the update … 2 month ads not received.
someone help me?

Windows 10
Brave Versão 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

Wallet ID: d1ab8e48-2e60-4c30-b816-70cd081edb40


I also did not receive claim in October.

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hello, nothing? i need a solution for this, no one for help ?

Hi, i solved this problem A L O N E, thx for no help…

maybe this steps help anyone too… works for me

Brave Version: V1.32.106

1 - Go to : Brave rewards

2- Manage your Wallet

3- Reset (attention, Your Rewards data will be permanently lost if you reset your wallet.)

4- click the BAT icon, start using brave rewards and skip all.

5- Verify wallet, continue

6- Choose a wallet service (if u have acount in one this services, choose , if no, do a new acount for wallet)

7 - continue login

8- Wallet Verificated


9 - Now with rewards

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its been almost 4 months the last time i got a pop up ad, and it seems to me there is no help for this problem that really works lol

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