2 Brave installations, different Estimated earnings and problems connecting

I installed the Brave Browser on 2 different MacBooks Pro.
The two browsers are synchronized and both use the same wallet.

In one browser I get the message that the wallet cannot be reached. On the other, the wallet is normally connected.

The wallet is verified and connected to Uphold!

Furthermore, one browser displays a lower value for the estimated outstanding payments than the other!

Is that so correct? Will both values then be transferred to my wallet on the day of payment? Or only one of the two?

My problems:

  1. cannot connect to the wallet
  2. different payment values!

@Sataru first, see Brave rewards on different devices and let me know if it’s still unclear.


@eljuno thanks, but since i am using the same wallet on both devices, shouldn’t they show the same estimated outstanding payment?

And why shows one of the two the ‘oh no connection…’ when i click on the icon in the url field.

…I think I found the mistake.
On my second computer I restored the wallet from with the key from the first one. Probably I should have kept the two separate wallets and connected both with Uphold…

Can I somehow “reset” the wallet on one of the two computers?

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