1st time user Win 64 7: setting "Downloads" folder fails, Chrome import fails


I want to ditch Chrome so I downloaded Brave. Unfortunately it fails during the very basic set up, which leaves a bad impression. I’m on Win 7 x64, using Chrome. During the initial set-up process, when I click the edit “pencil” icon to set my download directory I get a standard Win folder selection dialog. I select the desired folder, click OK: nothing happens. The “Downloads” field is not filled with my selection as expected. Why? When I click on “Import browser data”.and select “Chrome Person 1” (I’m the only user) my PC freezes: there’s no disc activity, no progress bar letting me know what’s going on (no, Chrome is not running, I closed it down). I have to kill the Brave process altogether. At this point I uninstalled Brave, as it seems to be in beta stage, not ready for public consumption.


Just want to confirm if you changed the download location like Desktop? If you select Download folder it would not show as it is the default location.

Could you let us know what is the amount of bookmarks you are importing from Chrome?

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