1Password - final return to send login not being sent


1Password or Brave has a problem in that the username and password fields fill in BUT the “enter” or “return” is not sending them so the user has to click to send them.


It is now 4-5 months after I filed this post and still no reply. Can someone from Brave give an update on this? What is the status of a collaborative effort a integratation between Brave and 1Password? Which version of the 1Password browser extension is embedded in Brave? When will Brave be getting a code signature from 1Password? Bottom line here is that both apps have become go to apps for me and I would like to see them play nice together and cooperate to the benefit and security of their users.


Hi @rnsjunkmail , are you using the latest version of Brave?

I agree with points that you expressed, are important to make the experience of users of Brave better.
I think sometimes a question may take a while to be answered, but no doubt the team is keeping an eye on that suggest or even reported.

I believe that some issues will be fixed as the process of developing and testing quality and each report, appointment will help the team of Brave to seek solutions and fixes. :slight_smile:

Thanks @rnsjunkmail for highlighting these points :+1:

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