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The lastest update broke the 1Password extension. Any word on fixing that? It is a critical extension for me.


Hi @piratecat,

What OS and Brave version are you using (you can copy-paste info from about:brave for Brave version)? The latest Brave version is 0.18.14 which release yesterday.

Also what kind of ‘broke’ that you mean? More information will be helpful.

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Hi, I mean that when I start brave it tells me 1Password won’t work and I should restart, but that does nothing. I keep getting an update Brave banner and hit the nice orange button, but the next time Brave starts the button is back. This is a persistent problem for me, updates take 2 or 3 tries, but the latest one does not seem to want to go through at all. Here is the about info, I attempt to update everytime, but it looks like I am way behind. I am also on the latest OSX Sierra.

Brave 0.15.314
rev 75ffa36
Muon 3.0.202
libchromiumcontent 58.0.3029.110
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform darwin
os.release 16.7.0
os.arch x64


If I’m not wrong, that 1Password issue should be fixed by 0.17.19. And the latest Brave version is 0.18.14.

It seems your Brave update is not working correctly when applying them. Did you mind to try these step for troubleshooting?

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Hi, if the troubleshooting steps doesn’t work you could you try to download the installer from here to see if it updates you to the current release? :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Extension is broken again, 1Password keeps suggesting to restart the browser to fix the issue (which won’t work).

Name	Version
Brave	0.18.23
rev	36ae2ec
Muon	4.3.10
libchromiumcontent	60.0.3112.90
Node.js	7.9.0
Update Channel	dev
OS Platform	macOS
OS Release	16.7.0
OS Architecture	x64


+1 from https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/2280

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