1Password extension is not working in Brave


I’m using the Beta Build of Brave and have installed the 1Password extension, but the extension does not work. The icon is gray with random flickers of black, clicking on the icon shows the extension menu, not the typical 1Password mini window, and the standard shortcut of CMD+\ is not working.

I’ve restarted the browser. Turned the extension on and off. Removed and reinstalled the extension. Restarted my computer. Nothing fixes the issue.

I am using 1Password 6, which is 1 version back from current - which is v7.

Is this a known issue? If so, is it in Brave or in the 1Password extension? If in Brave, any ideas on a fix?

Brave info:
Version 0.55.13 Chromium: 70.0.3538.54 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

1Password extension info:

1Password app info:
6.8.9 (689001)
Downloaded and purchased directly from AgileBits, not Apple App Store version

UPDATE: Still not working in updated Brave Beta: Version 0.56.5 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

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Hi @cyboman, I apologize for the late response.
We’ve had a few issues with 1p v6. Users who switched to v7 say that it resolved the issue. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you and I’ll be happy to further troubleshoot the issue with you.


I’m also using version 6 on my imac (though v. 7 on my laptop works fine) and it mostly doesn’t work. (i have a reason for wanting to stay on v. 6 on my imac). every once in a while, the 1p browser verification window will pop up and then the browser extension will work in brave until i quit it. Then when i start brave again, it doesn’t work again. So it seems to me that there is something being interfered with in the initial “handshaking” process of establishing communication between the browser extension and the 1p background app.

1p6 works fine on vanilla chromium, so it must be something in the brave codebase that is borking it.

this isn’t a showstopper for me because I’m planning to upgrade 1p on the imac relatively soon anyway. This is one of my main reasons for switching from ungoogled chromium to brave. 1p beyond version 6.8 does not work at all with UC (and most other chromium derivatives) because it is not on 1p’s whitelist of allowed browsers.


Would love to upgrade, but unfortunately, I own a standalone license of v6, and to get v7 I will need to shell out $65 (or $3/mo). Not something I’m willing to do at the moment.


roger that. I wouldn’t upgrade either if i wasn’t on a 1p team that is picking up the monthly tab.

in all honesty, i like version 6 better than 7. 7 is prettier in many ways, but the 1p mini usability has actually taken a pretty big step backward. my most frequent workflow in using the 1p browser extension which used to require one click and then some slight, small pointer moves as hovering nearby elements disclosed the data i needed, now instead require three separate clicks. If you happen to have more than one login for a given site, it take a LOT longer to get the data into a web form.

As usual, the 1p team are running their highly infuriating “yes and” brand of problem denial when faced with some very cogent and focused criticism of the new mini UX.

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Hello Brave team!

Same case for me, I’m on 1password 6 Mac and don’t want to upgrade to 1p 7 because I like more the 6 version and don’t want to pay monthly fee but 1p browser extension doesn’t work on Brave. Now with the support of chrome extension that is the only issue that stop me switching from Chrome to Brave ;’(


@cyboman, @pjv, @MrBru,
Have you reached out to 1password about this?
I would suggest opening an issue on their end and seeing if they can assist you in any way. Their support page is here:


@mattches - do you know if the issue is with 1Password? I haven’t heard yet if the issue is 1Password extension or something in Brave - curious if the issue has been identified.


Yes - I created a post on the 1Password Forum:

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So I’ve been informed that only 1p7 will work with Brave core - 1pass said they won’t be issuing any updates to v6 :confused:

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone reporting. I’m going to leave this topic open for a while in case anyone has questions.


Bummer. Seems like this might be a deal-breaker for me using Brave, at least until something persuades me to to upgrade to v7. Thanks for the update.


It must have something to do with the Brave patches because 1p6 works fine with chromium (and Ungoogled Chromium). I guess it’s up to you (Brave) guys whether it’s worth the dev effort to find and fix this issue. I don’t know how many people are stuck in this use-case. Some of us would really appreciate it…


Yeah I would greatly appreciate a research spike just to see how much effort is involved with making 1p6 work with Brave-Chromium.

As other’s said above, 1p6 works fine with Chrome, and ungoogled Chromium, so it seems to be something on Brave’s side that is disrupting things.

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Another user of 1p6 + the new brave browser.

I’m really liking the new Brave experience after upgrading from the previous version. But this will be a deal-breaker for me as well so I’d be keen for it to be fixed!


so it seems to be something on Brave’s side that is disrupting things.

I guess this is not necessarily the case based on the comments in the github thread - it seems like maybe 1P6 or the extension runs some checks against the browser and in that case it would be something that can only be fixed by 1P.

but yeah I agree this is a deal-breaker for me as well.

I started a new discussion thread with agilebits here that you can comment on: 1Password extension does not work with official Brave release (and 1 Password 6 desktop application) — 1Password Forum


I’m not going to create a new account at the 1p forum to comment there, but the reply from the 1p team member there on your thread can’t be correct (or at least not the full story). I have v 6.8 of 1p installed on my mac and i am able to successfully use 1p and the 1p browser extension with ungoogled chromium (UC) and several other totally unsigned chromium variants. Versions 6.8.1+ of 1p no longer allows you to do this, so 6.8 is as far as i have updated.

as i mentioned earlier in this thread, once in a while in brave i will get the 1p browser verification window (with 6 numbers to verify that there is no MITM between the browser and the app) and when i verify, then the 1p browser extension does work until i quit brave.

based on this and the flashing on and off (from enabled to disabled) of the 1p browser extension icon in the brave toolbar, I’m guessing there is some kind of timing / timeout issue in establishing the connection between the browser extension and the 1p helper app. Since it works with chromium, UC, and other chromium derivatives, it seems like it is a brave thing.


As @pjv noted, the 1Password team responded to my post on the 1P forum. They (properly) closed my ticket as a dup with another post:

Here is what they said on that post that is relevant to my question:

Starting with 1Password 6.8 the browser code verification check became an enforced part of 1Password meaning the copy of 1Password that you’re running must have a record of the code signature of a given browser for it to allow the extension to connect. Brave made some changes to to their bundle IDs that required 1Password update its list and these changes first appeared in version 7.1.2. As a result anything older than 1Password 7.1.2 for Mac will be unable to verify the current version of Brave and so will refuse any connection originating from it.

While there remains the possibility that I could be proven wrong, I do not foresee any update being made to 1Password 6. As it was 6.8.9 almost didn’t happen and that was when version 6 was technically still the current version. I’m afraid it will be either a choice of using a browser known to 1Password 6 or considering updating to 1Password 7 and taking advantage of all the changes that have been made there.


I added a response on the 1Password forum post.

I could be wrong but I think it would be helpful to voice your support in the forum if this is something you want addressed.


We should probably also rename this discussion so it’s not labeled as “Beta” specific since the chromium version is now the default stable Brave browser.


@renschler - will do