19,5 bat dissappeared

Last month i got logged out of gemini , but i didn’t disconnect , So this month i got payout of 19.5 bat , i thought after claiming i will get in my gemini account. But i didn’t receive there. So today i disconnected gemini from my browser, after that my browser showed unverified but that 19.5bat balance didn’t show up… SO WHERE DID IT GO.???
Please help me as it is my 3 months earnings of bat. Please help me @Saoiray @Evan123 @Mattches @steeven . Please help :pray: :pray: :pray: :love_letter:

i too got disconnected . So i too didn’t get the claimed bat this month in my gemini account. if i disconnect it wont show?Then where the claimed bat go? @Mattches Please look into this as it is the situation of every user in India.

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[06 Aug 2022, 7:13:58.6 am:VERBOSE6:logging_util.cc(137)]
[ RESPONSE - OnRequest ]

Url: https://grant.rewards.brave.com/v2/suggestions/claim
Result: Success
HTTP Code: 200
Body: {“drainId”:“e98312e2-da43-4f0a-9679-19775cd93047”}
This is what i found in my logs…
and in event logs it is showing vbat drained.

@Mattches @steeven

I had almost 400 BAT disappear when I verified my wallet. I am also wondering where my BAT went, and I hope we get a response soon.

i had verified till last month then got logged out and now i disconnected.

How do u get about 19 BAT within a single device??? I have like 2-3 device and even the total earnings of all these devices won’t add upto even 15. I just get 2-3 BAT from each devices. :cry:

april, may, june, july months earnings it is, now my balance is 2 bat, i use browser whole day

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:open_mouth: So u had the rewards of 4 months rolled over together??? That is like a long time

yess, its been long time i did get any reward. so now i got 19.5 bat but after claiming it is not showing anywhere.

Hello @Itis @Cryptoguy77, please DM me your Wallet Payment ID found here - brave://rewards-internals/. Thank you.

I have sent you message in the morning itself. Please solve the problem as soon as possible

When will my issue get solved.?? :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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