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Became a community ninja

Made an impact in the community

Always spoke my mind even when it didn’t put brave in the best light

Protested the tier system

Gave up few tips

Supported majorly Nigerians with tips

Tried my very best to be as mannered as possible even when @alex angered me


Great community and mostly loving people whom are always wanting to help even when help seems impossible.
General purpose - @mattches @eljuno
Ads - @steeven @asad mostly @asad
General announcement - @alex
Ads* - @luke.mulks
Browser ads notification - @gsarvadnya
Adblocker - @fanboynz
Publisher account 2fa and other engineering issues - @cory @dan_brave @asad

More needs to be done. From brave sync, brave community answering time, ads inclusiveness, ending or balancing out tier system and more should be given by everyone.


Well, Adblocker / Web Compatibility :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :heart: