18+ wall/adult content consent

I’d love an option with brave browser that gets rid of 18+ walls/adult content consent, like braves cookie consent remover gets rid of cookie walls.
When searching for an adult content consent chrome extension, all the surfacing results are on content blockers.

Well, this pull was created yesterday.

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Thank you sir, for you effort. I really needed this filter.

Did you even read what I said? I asked to remove adult content consent, so I get no more age related pop ups. Instead, you refer me to blocking porn. You say the opposite of what I ask for…

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Haven’t really considered it, there maybe legal issues bypassing age checks (as pointless as they are). Maybe something long term

Firstly, cookie messages too are due to legal reasons. So I don’t see the difference with legal reasons over adult messages.
Secondly, if legal reasons block brave from allowing users to answer adult message automatically, like brave does for cookie messages, I wonder, for all 200+ global countries, other than the U.K., which countries require adult consent messages by law?
Look, whatever brave chooses is fine by me. To me, adult consent messages are as annoying as cookie consent messages. To me it seems contradictive that other users feel gratified over adult consent messages, yet feel frustrated over cookie content messages. I’m talking other users. Not the .001% who cries out over porn.

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You really lost your sh*t. Didn’t you?

Use the element picker with uBlock Origin.

How is the GDPR different with cookie consent from adult consent? Again, as far as I know, cookie consent is required by law.
Even if there are differences within the law between cookie and adult, they still are both required by law. If it violates law to automatically answer adult consent, then the same applies for cookie consent.

If, as opposed to cookie consent, the reason for adult consent is that only 18+ is allowed, then an adult consent message does not verify that. Therefore, adult consent message has nothing to do with law.

Ironically enough, whereas cookie consent, as it’s there to inform credit card shoppers, does execute law, adult consent, does not execute law.
Meaning, to decline removing adult consent messages, and to accept removing cookie consent messages, because of law, is hypocritical.

Guys, I found the solution to block adult websites

First you go to brave settings then

–>brave shields & privacy

Scroll down & tap on

–>Use secure DNS

–>choose another provider

Tap on the down arrow

–>clean browsing (Family Filter)

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