15 bats for an uphold account?

hey guys? i dont understand why should i wait for acumulating 15 bats for creating an uphold account, when i simply can go to uphold site and create an uhold account…? there is any differences between the uphold accounts on uphold sites and accounts creates on brave brwsers(with 15 bats?))

You need to accumulate 15 BATs to LINK an uphold account with brave, you do not need to wait to CREATE the uphold account, you can create it now and do the identity verification (is required to make payments), the 15 BATS are company policies, now they reduced that amount, since before it was 25 BATS.

You are wrong… I have 0 bats in my android wallet and i just connected my uphold account…i didnt need 15 bats…

So why do you ask about the uphold accounts? only accumulates 15BATS to make the first deposit, are company policies, FO

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