15.6 BAT missing after linking to Gemini over 10 days ago and no NOV BAT credit

Had 15.6 BAT accumulated from June through October. Never got expected accumulation for November. Then went to link to Gemini. Gemini account is verified. Gemini says 0 BAT and now Brave says 0 BAT. Gemini support says it’s a Brave problem. Please help restore the 15.6 BAT from June - October and provide the expected BAT for November, please.

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this is happening to hundreds of us…we’re being denied our tokens which is fraud…we agree to see adds and get rewarded for it…

And so far no response from Brave. Seems like fraud to me now at this point. Hey Brave, have you no shame? You now just appear to be criminals.

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I hate that crypto is full of these rug pulls, false promises and scams, we will never realise its full potential until we have integrity on our own community…I am REALLY disappointed with BRAVE, been using it since 2017 and have NOTHING to show despite telling all my friends they must use it…We have to hold them accountable for this…

the people in charge for this situation are BRENDAN EICH, BRIAN BROWN, BILL ENGELS, COLIN BROOKS

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