1400 BAT airdrop

Good morning, I received an email stating that I am eligible for 1400 BAT airdrop but don’t know how to claim it. Just checking if this one is a legit airdrop or not.

I don’t think this was anything done by Brave. Big question and thing to look at is who sent it to you?

I received a similar email. This time leading me to a Google form to “claim” this airdrop:


I just got a similar email today. Suspicious because it came from:

Alba Sierra <[email protected]

The recipient list is over 100 emails long and fully visible in the CC line

and the disclaimer at the end of the email is in Spanish

Also leads to a google docs form that looks official with links that go to Brave.

Any insights anyone?

Not sure what you’re asking? I mean obvious scams and all. Our email addresses and all are constantly floating around the internet and people sell lists. Scammers will compile all sorts of things and hope that people bite.

I would never open any emails that you aren’t expecting. This is double or triple the case if it is promising you money or something free. Usually all these types of emails are there to give you viruses, steal your information, or at least compile more info.

For example, if I sent you 5 emails all posing as different companies or offering you free stuff and I see you only click on the one promising BAT, then I now know you use Brave or at least have an interest in BAT. I could then use that to write more emails and make them look more official, all to get you to click and provide information or download the virus/malware I want to give you.

And yes, if you don’t realize, people are able to get read receipts to know when you open emails. This is called a Read Receipt. Spammers/scammers often use a variety of programs to track this. When you open the email, it lets them know that there’s a person on the other end and that you’re willing to check their junk emails. This, in turn, encourages them to keep sending more. So you want to avoid opening any unsolicited emails.

I followed the links out of curiosity. My phone is very secure. When you click the link do download “most recent version” of Brave, it tries to install malware.