1400 BAT aidrop, scam or not

Good monring, just wanted to ask something. I received an email that states that I am eligible for 1400 BAT airdrop. not sure if it is legit or not, I followed the steps and it leads me to webste (https://west-braves.info/) just wanted to confirm from you if it is true or just a scam.

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I also received that email

100% scam. The url to download browser is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hooligan22/sdvnsnb-rtoijbnw-oifm/main/Brave%20Software.zip which is obviously not legit.

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have made our team aware of this site that does look suspicious. Users please exercise caution when it comes to sites like these.
If you wish to download Brave or learn more please see below from our website.

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Obviously a scam. They just want you to download their malware so they can infect your computer.

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