126 Ads clicked and a total of 1 BAT received

This seems very bizarre. I have clicked on 126 ads so far this month and have only received a grand total of 1.0 BAT. That comes out to just under .008 BAT per click.

Can someone provide guidance and direction here?


windows 10
latest brave
noticed change after switching my pc but using my old hard drive

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Just so you know you don’t need to click on all the ads for them to count as a view and get paid. Brave prefer if you only click on those ads that you want to engage with.
Posted an article about the above, link to article via twitter

Your problem seems to be a bug with the latest desktop version. I am running a earlier version and still getting the same amount of Brave Rewards. No problem with mobile either.

There have been a number of threads on BAT Community Forum about this issue. Not sure what the reply has been.

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