10 second delay between any action and rendering to screen

Description of the issue:
There is a 10 second(!) delay between ANY action, including loading of a webapge, keystroke or mouse cursor movement, and its rendering to screen in Brave- latest download for Mint 19+

How can this issue be reproduced?
Install latest Mint (12/10/2019). Install Brave via command line as directed on Brave site.

Expected result:
Obviously this should not be the case.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I know it sounds like a local machine issue to me too. If it is, I cannot get at it. I checked to make sure my system resources weren’t being consumed by an errant process etc etc etc … all the things you would check. It is a brand new install, literally, Brave is the second thing I installed yesterday. It is ONLY an issue witrh Brave, not, for example any other program, part of the Mint interface or Firefox.

If anyone has time to follow the the repro instructions I left and it doesn’t happen as it does here, I will assist in any way I can in locating the issue if it seems like more people come to report this same issue.

If it resolves itself on my machine, I will report back, whether I understand why or not.

The machine in question is an AMD 1950x with an obscene amount of RAM.

Thank you so much for such a great and courteous community!!!

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OK for anyone else having this problem in the future, here is what I did. It appears to have fixed the issue, but I don’t know why.

I have two AMD graphics cards and three monitors. Two monitors are conected to one graphics card and one monitor is connected to the other graphics card.

The extreme slowness happened on the two monitors connected to the same graphics card, call that graphics card g-A. For the monitor with one graphics card, call that graphics card g-B, the slowness was not present.

I disconnected one of the monitors on which the slowness was happening from its graphics card g-A and reconnected to the other graphics card g-B.

So oif course I still have two monitors on one graphics card, but now the graphics card which has two monitors on it is g-B instead of g-A.

I then had to wait for Mint to realize what had happened and of course I had to open settings–> display and fiddle around with the graphical monitor-arrangement widget which is found there so my monitors were identified and ordered correctly. Anyone with multiple monitors likely knows what widget I am referring to.

Thereafter, all the slowness disappeared.

I can’t say why this happened. Previously, when the slowness was there, it was almost like I was remotely connected to some distant server and the graphics and events were being sent over a very slow connection, like 14.4bps slow, from the olden days, then rendered locally.

I think this is a bug in Mint 19 however the fact that it ONLY effected Brave may be interesting to Brave developers.

Effectively, I had to rearrange my monitors / graphics card connections to get Brave to work.

Happy to answer any questions from any devs to whom this may mean something.

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