1 Speed Dial That Syncs as One

The only thing that’s stopping me from moving off Opera to Brave, is the Speed Dial. I’ll never go back to regular bookmarks.

But the one thing that absolutely makes me want to move off Opera, is how the Speed Dial is synchronized. When syncing lets say 4 of my computers with Opera, it will sync each speed dial separately with their own unique bookmarks, causing me to manually try and standardize them all. So every time I add a new bookmark to my main computer, I can’t access it natively on my laptop’s speed dial, I have to delve deep into my computers speed dial under Other Speed Dials. That is not what I call good syncing!

Just give me a Speed Dial that syncs and unifies all my bookmarks as one Speed Dial. It’s stupid and a huge hassle to think I want different bookmarks for different computers.

Or at least give me the option to select between unified speed dials, and separate ones.

Here is a pic of Opera’s stupid Speed Dial Sync Implementation: https://i.imgur.com/D6Nfluv.png

Obviously this is a Opera pet peeve. But this is literally the main feature that would make me switch from Opera to Brave full time. A Speed Dial, and one that syncs unified rather then seperate (or at least have the option to).

BTW people have brought up the suggestion on the Opera forum in the past, and they had no intention of doing it this way. Some excuse about people want separate mobile device speed dials or something.


Even though this was requested in Muon days, it’s still relevant. I’ve recategorized this.