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I’m an old man and am not real good at searching for answers on these types of forums. Hopefully this issue has been resolved, I just can’t find it and as usual doing something wrong.

I’m using 1 password. What I would like to do is to have 1 Password auto fill my ID & Password when I go to a site. I really don’t want my passwords saved in Brave / or however it’s done when you click on “Save logon”. I would like Brave to read 1 Password and auto fill my ID and password. How it works today is that I go to a site, click on logon, click on 1 Password, authenticate to 1 Password, click on the site in 1 Password and it logs me in. What I would like to happen is to have Brave authenticate me to 1 Password when I fire up the browser and then use the 1 Password store to automatically log me on when I go to a site. I have added the 1 Password extension to the Brave Browser

I’m using Brave version [Version 1.11.97 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
1 Password Extension is version
and 1 Password version 7.6.778


Thank you for reaching out.
I believe that you will need to allow 1-Password to store session cookies. Try the following:

  1. In Brave, visit 1password.com
  2. Before you login, open the Shields panel in your address bar and change the Cookies setting to All cookies allowed:
  3. Now, authenticate into the 1pass website, then auth into the extension (if it’s not already).

Now your should remain logged into 1pass – however, if you’re still having to authenticate every time in the way you’re describing, you may have to adjust the settings in 1pass itself. For example, if you open the extensions settings, you can try adjusting the time in which it takes for 1pass to lock itself (and thus require you to re-authenticate):

Hope this helps!

My experience with password managers and browsers: how a specific website handles logging in depends mostly on the website’s coding, not on either the browser or password manager. I’ve not been shy with some of my criticisms of Brave, but this may be beyond Brave’s (or any browser’s) control. I’ve found this to be the case for different password managers and different browsers including at least one browser that’s not Chromium-based.

For example, logging into this website https://community.brave.com/ — the one that presumably you’re looking at right now — initially presents me with blank user and password fields. Some other websites automatically populate these fields when I initally navigate to the website. And how specific password managers and specific websites interact varies. Some password managers can manually populate log-in fields while others require that I cut-and-paste user names and passwords. These variations appear to me to be mostly attributable to differences in website coding, not to browsers and password managers.

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