1 Password 4 Windows extension not working


Hi everyone, using 1Password 4 for Windows (the older standalone version that supports dropbox sync). The extension doesn’t seem to be working with it. It works fine with 1Password 6 (the cloud version).

I have spent almost 15 hours trying to install, uninstall etc. Finally I came to conclusion that the extension indeed doesn’t work with 1Password 4.

Looking for someway to get it up and running.


Hi, I think the outdated version will not be supported.

if it does not mind, would you explain why you prefer the old version? Using the outdated password manager looks to me quite dangerous.


Hi, thanks for replying.

1Password 4 is the non-cloud version, and it’s supported and latest. Version 6 is with cloud support and subscription based. Whereas 1Password 4 was a one time payment thing.

So 1Password 4 is latest too (minus cloud features and monthly subscription).