(1 of 3) Several necessary Extensions/Addons (Print/PDF Edit & selected pass. manager)


I was actually hoping you could suggest to the developer of taking over the main source code and making it a proprietary Brave extension/Addon which can be used on Chrome and Firefox, this way guys could fix any issue related to it because currently there isn’t proper fixes to simple issues.

I was also wondering could you do that for other addons as well as SessionBuddy though it may be updated, I’m sure many will agree it’s better than all native bookmark solutions and Brave taking control or collaborating so it is essentially like native bookmarking so you can implement secure functions to it as well most of the feature in are already brilliant. - I know its on the Guthub request.

As your users grow, i imagine it would be time consuming even more so to answer questions to the ones I’m discussing here so was also wondering similar to your brilliant community.brave part of the website you yourselves developed which needs congratulating as most would usual pay a service such as ZenDesk or similar solutions for quick access. Though it may be good for some service, anyhow, I’m bringing this up as I suppose you have control over the functionality here and was wondering if you could hold a simple voting system with a simple single byline whereby users suggest Brave to only deploy this particular extention/addon over others for such and such and the top three selected, So Blur, LastPass, Dashlane and another one.
I say this as I don’t know whether some of the addons would need slight coding changes or fixes in contrast to Chrome despite it being based on Chromium, it seems unnecessary to just deploy addons which any user suggests such as the ones that don’t continuously update like some have suggested.

Also speaking of making additions to the community functionality, is it possible for Brave employees to deploy a ‘confirmation’ feature on the main page somewhere which indicates to users that you have viewed it, you agree with the statements, suggestions and and requests and provide an estimated time frame in which it should be completed by. I mention this specifically because like all companies that require users feedback they unfortunately leave many users on the back burner when most users think in their head it will definitely be fully implemented within a month. Night/DarkMode feature being a perfect example of this. I’m sure users wouldn’t mind if you honestly told them it would take 10 months.

Sorry for the length.

Please integrate Blur Password Manager

I would like to see a timeline for when the Buffer extension will be available, and also an extension to add things to my Nuzzel newsletter. The bookmarklet I imported doesn’t work with Brave.


Here’s another one that is similar and would also be respected in Brave. To be honest you should just figure out which one functions best for Brave and just deploy that one because I used to jump between them not knowing which one is really best to use.

Print Friendly & PDF

Buffer integration is my top request as well. Right now not being able to use Buffer w/Brave is preventing Brave from becoming my default browser.


I find very useful the print edit extension. It allows just print what i need from the web and export it to pdf


To concentrate on one extension per a topic, I’m going to close this topic and open new ones :smile:

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