1 month account suspensed

my account still suspensed i sent a mail to suspension@brave.com
i sent a response on the dashboard but no response , the only response i’d is :

so please help me and give me my bats .

my mail : mgsecondaire1@gmail.com

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@steeven please help me

@nozix please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!


dude even my account been in the review for more than a month i had DM you please check. thanks in advance

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please come dm , i already send you a dm

me too please respond i had dm more than 30 time to you but still no responce from you side please help me with it…

Is support team is active.? cause I saw many comments where people saying that they dm the supporting member of but they didn’t reply ?

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the support is’nt active lol 1month for response…

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