1 ads only 0.010 BAT WHY SIR

Helo sir last 15 days to go i regularly use brave browser but pr day only 12 ads show and 1 ads 0.010 bat received why to low received paynnt sir plz help me

Hi @Madiyar, Welcome to Community!
Please see this similar topic:

But bat price falls 50% since last three days and it still continuous falling… :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Brother earning bahut km krdiya hai ab

1 ads ka sirf 0.01 bat deta hai yani 100 ads 1 bat hoga very bad :sob:

At the eod this is all business dude…

Hard work never goes in vain :sunglasses:

Mostly I see they have dropped to .010 /ad, however, I have received a couple today @ .015. So as was mentioned previously, it depends on Advertiser. Just be glad your getting them, I have two devices only received 1 ad yesterday, and that was after the Payout.

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