1.4.38 still crashing - Help me port my BAT to Stable please?

Just updates to latest nightly, still crashing. Not gonna lie. It’s really annoying. I want to port my wallet to Stable but whenever I do it maintains how much I am going to be paid vs how much is in my wallet, with the wallet being completely empty of my BAT.

Can I get some help with this before I go back to Firefox?
-AASB is tearing out their hair

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have a verified Uphold account? Also, how did you try moving your funds over? Did you use the backup/restore feature using the wallet seed recovery phrase?

Yes, backup passphrase was used. And absolutely no. I highly disliked Uphold in my personal opinion as I use my BAT for content creators I enjoy and make no monitary gain from it.

I appreciate your speedy reply, and as much as I love Brave (despite it’s glitchyness in nightly as of current), at least it shows the Dev tem cares :slight_smile:

Can provide screencaps if needed, I just want functioning Brave ads again so I can support my favourite sites and creators.

Thanks for your help so far

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Can you go to brave://rewards-internals and copy/paste/send me the information found there into a DM and send it to me so I can take a deeper look on our end?

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