1/2 of the reward for the previous month + new reward not still received

Hello Brave

Last month, I received only the half the rewards for the affiliation program I should receive.
I open a new topic, because It was said to me that the remaining part of payment would be sent to me between 1 and 8 Juin
Whereas I did not get the half remaining as it was agreed.
So, I still should receive the half remaining of the previous month + the rewards for this month that is still pending, like for many other people.

Can you solve that please ?

Thank you Brave

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Completely agree. Some of rewards are still missing this month (last month no complain).

So, is Brave team going at least answer us when we can expect it or if it is still under process.

Yesterday and today my rewards disappeared from Brave browser (still has an old screenshots of all earning I had to prove) and still no payouts. I sent message to Steven (@steeven) 2 times as many of us did, but, there is no single reply from him (however when I sent a second message with my internals, my rewards are simply gone, and no payouts, coincidence?)

What’s more irritating, Brave has it’s own payment project, called Uphold, and it’s not a 3rd party company as it’s presented, it is under the same project, so the system must work flawlessly, but in reality there is some kind of mess happening.
Seeing comments from other topics here, some of Brave team members drop some words like illegitimate, but there is no clear definition to what they refer.
As seen here, many brave users are still didn’t get their payouts.

Dear Brave Team, we do understand that, as you claimed, there is a huge volume of users and payouts you deal with, but your goal was to increase the auditory and bring more people to your project who will support you on its way, so, in our modern world there is no such a term as huge volume, the system must work flawlessly and make everything automatically, without creating this kind of mess.
We do play our part to pay attention to ads on which you, as well, earn your percentage, so, it’s your duty to play back fair in return, to fulfill your obligations. There are no currently a big competitor on the market against your project, but they will surely will appear soon, like Mandarin browser, or Crypto Browser which already started the similar advertisement projects, so I’m sure you will take care of your loyal supporters and won’t drop the ball. Hope to hear from you really soon. Thanks

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Good day Brave (thanks Maxmozes , for your testimony)

during the night, i received 147 BAT.
Whereas I should receive 440+93-147
I should around 390 more,
And I still wait for 390 BAT.

Please can you send my BAT’s ?

Thank you
@steeven @brendan @Asad

Duplicate of Rewards for affiliation program not received completely, as it is mentioned on my account

Hi @maxmozes - please see DM as mentioned in the other thread. Thank you.

@Publisher-user - Please DM me the email linked to your account. I can help to take a closer look.