1.0.43(RC1) cannot be installed



I’m using Android 5.0.2 on one device and Android 6 on another device and running Brave 1.0.43 (beta).

The latest release is 1.0.43(RC1). However this latest release cannot be installed on my systems. As a non-root user I cannot access any logs to see more specifically what might be wrong.

But my best guess is that something went wrong with the release number of this release. You cannot downgrade an App without uninstalling it first. So if the version number is incorrect the system might think I’m trying to install an older version and will refuse the installation.

Installing it on a clean system most probably will work. But in order to keep all my bookmarks and setting this is not an option for me.

So could you please check the version numbering of 1.0.43(RC1). Thanks.

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