1.0.36 available on Google Play Store before official releaee


Hi there,

I’m an Android user - both 5 and 6. Today I could update Brave to 1.036 on my Android 6 device via the Google Play Store. On Android 5 there is not yet an update available on the Play Store. So I went to Github to download the latest APK from there. On Github I noticed that version 1.0.36 is still a RC and has not officially been released. But why am I able to download/update it from the Play Store at least on Android 6?

Has the 1.0.36 version already been released to the Play Store by mistake?


Hi @Brave_user

We do staged rollouts on Android. Here’s some information about that (which explains why one of your devices got it and another did not) in the User Eligibility & Targeting section of this article: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6346149?hl=en



Thanks Lauren,

that explains the strange behavior I have noticed.

So I guess I will keep visiting the Github repo from time to time to download the latest APK manually.


PS: Just for people who read this entry and wondering where the Github android repo is:
Github Android repo


Hi @Brave_user

We should be at 100% now, so you should be getting the update soon on your other device (if you haven’t already downloaded it from our GitHub repo).

You are always welcome to download from our GitHub repo, but just be careful when doing so as you noted - some of them are test versions and have not been fully vetted. We do welcome help from the community testing though - just know there may be some kinks :slight_smile:


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