02 cents Per Ad View?


I’m just adding my 2 cents on the Ad payouts.

It looks like after a few days of clicking on nearly every Ad delivered to my notification area, I have made about .52 cents for my 1+ hours of reading Ads.

Does this sound correct? Does a person need to build-up their Rep before the Ads actually pay something?


To me I believe it sounds correct, you can get an idea of what ads are worth checking this. https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/
Ordinary non creator Brave users will not be making a lot of money off of viewing ads. I would say from my personal usage of Brave, I usually get around $10 + shared between using 3 Brave devices. Each device roughly earning $1-5 dollars per month

Thanks for the reply HighPriestess42.
To me, it seems like a super cheap (unheard of anywhere else) way to advertise in the cryptoverse.

The non-stop notifications is cause to disable them completely for me, but I’m sure someone will value .02 cents payout for their investment of Ad viewing time

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