0 or 4 BAT in a wallet i cant connect?

Brave Mobile:

So when i click on the brave rewards menu i see that i have 4.5 BAT which hasnt changed in months. Even with my automatic contributions and ads being on nothing changes, except that i always get the same messages that i earned x amount of BAT but the total stays at 4.5

When on the other hand i click on the rewards logo in the too right corner, it shows me 0 BAT.

And last but not least, nowhere do i get the option to connect to my uphold wallet or synch with my Desktop brave wallet…!


Brave for Android:

There is 0 BAT in my wallet, but in configurations it market some fraction of BAT earned.
Why dont show in my wallet?

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Well, I got the same problem too… I am not whether I will get the rewards or not next month…

Luffy: These are the ones you get after a month of using the browser. They are an estimate of what you will get

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