0 bat after 5 months

Last weekend I checked my Bat, and it said 0.88. I remember thinking, “well that seems pretty low, considering I’ve used Brave every day for several months.” But I was too busy to look into it. Today it says 0.75. Auto contribute is OFF.

I went to my history, to see what is draining my account, but I have no records. I’ve been using this since January. I wasn’t super careful about checking the BAT, but I did check occasionally and saw that they were slowly accumulating. Now my account says 0 every month. Zeros everywhere, but I know I had more than that, at some point!

What’s going on and how does this get fixed?

![Screenshot 2021-05-24 143835|690x404]

No response? No way to contact a help desk? No fix, while my account continues to drain for no apparent reason?

What a scam. They lure you in with false promises then leave you with nothing.

There’s a reason the some companies make it big, and some don’t… customer service.
I’m going back to firefox. At least they don’t lie to me.

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