0.905 bat disappeared when receiving gift

I had 0.905 bat in the month of May and I received a gift of 0.5 bat, which were deposited in my wallet, but I lost the other 0.905, and went down to 0.5. the bat were achieved by watching ads. I need help or answers

what I think happened is that you got paid 0.5 bat and that amount got deducted from your estimated pending rewards, seems pretty normal, unless you have any other info to add

Why would it be normal that when I receive a gift, I lose my bats that I had before the gift?

what kind of gift? from who? are you sure it was a “gift” and not your payment from march?

I don’t really know, I had to put triangles in figures to validate that supposed gift. It is the first time that I use brave, 0.500 bats were credited in my wallet that I must verify with Uphold, before I had nothing there. And my 0.905 just went

pal, that’s not a gift, that was the payment for the bat earned from march

So why did they give me only 0.5 if I had 0.0905?

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