0.63 Bats Were Shown but 0.36 Bats are being processed for payout

Yesterday, the Brave Rewards were showing 0.63 BATS but today it is saying that 0.36 BATS are processed for payments in 6 days. I have the question, why 0.36 BATS are processed for payment, not all 0.63 BATS?

look again it may have changed
Bz i had 2.108 and i showed 0.825 processed

but now its showing all 2.108 payout will begin in 6 days

hope u get to see that too

Same here problem I lost 1 bat today

Relaunched the Brave browser and rechecked but still the same

Sorry for your loss, contacting support may solve the issue

Same issue lost .5 bat

@hussain81 how do you contact support

Trying to figure out, a bit busy at the moment but hopefully, found a way and will update it here

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Hi, the earnings shown throughout the month are classified as ‘Estimated Pending Rewards.’