0.55 Chromium release feedback

Hey team, here are a few thoughts. Hope they are helpful:

Brave Rewards;

  • I really enjoyed the “PIN” function for a channel that you liked. IE: I pinned Dave Rubin’s youtube channel for 30% of my monthly allocation to support his work. This function no longer exists.
  • I understand it will be replaced by “tipping”, but liking a video or comment is not the same thing, because I will have to be logged in to a given platform do this.
  • This should also be able to be done natively, without having to “like” a random video on the channel.
  • Some Legacy verified sites are not showing. The Rubin Report is a verified channel, but not appearing so in Brave Core.


  • The address bar can be extended left more, similar to Chrome UI. Not essential, may get used to the current design.

BAT tab;

  • The “include in auto-contribute” button cannot currently be toggled.

  • When clicking “send a tip”, you should be able to press “ESC” to exit the screen.

  • I think the current version of Brave Rewards could use some work, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. A strong MVP. Hope these thoughts are helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback. For the address bar specifically, in Settings you can set it to full width. Currently, it’s ‘Use wide location bar’.

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I see that now. Thanks!

Has Sync been removed? Just updated to 0.55 and can’t find the option.

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