0.55.14 Crash on Extension "Adding to Brave..."


I just installed Brave Beta on Win10 and I cannot install any extensions. I tried with Metamask and Grammarly. As soon as the automatic download is finished and it says something like “Installing” or “Adding to Brave”, the browser just closes without any error. I want to help you with this amazing Browser but I don’t know if or what information you need to troubleshoot/fix, please let me know. Also a “Provide Feedback” button in the beta version, prominently placed, would go a long way.


Also if I can help in any way shape or form, please tell me. I’m not a developer, I can code a bit and understand the basics, can translate in german from english and I can design things, especially in 3D.


Getting the same issue here. Just updated to version 0.55.14 on macOS. It downloads the extension file but then it crashes without and warning.


When I click the Settings > More Tools > Extensions option and get the " Find extensions and themes in the Brave Web Store" direction, clicking the Brave Web Store link takes me to the Chrome Web Store for extensions. Trying to install an extension here causes Brave to crash.


Sorry for the late response everyone. I’m looking into this right now, thanks for reporting.

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Looks like its been addressed and set to be fixed in the next update (for both builds)!

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