0.23.73 CRASHES on MacOS Mavericks (10.9.5)


Hope this crash file helps:



Hi @ardent73,

Sadly, since a few version back, Brave not working properly for MacOS 10.9.5. you can read more about it here "Brave quit unexpectedly" in MAC OS Maverick

cc @LaurenWags @kamil for the crash file.


@ardent73 Just wondering why you are still using OSX Mavericks?

Thought I would post since this version is no longer supported by Apple. Not to mention how 10.9 is open to malicious code. Apple does give macOS out for free yearly and still supports some older hardware.


FireFox and Google Chrome don’t have a problem with Mavericks. Don’t try to shift blame.


@ardent73 I was asking a question, that was all.

Like you I am just a community member.


Getting constant crashes today. Windows 10 64-bit, only 3GB RAM, Brave 0.23.73
Interface just disappears instantly after less than a minute of looking thru several open tabs.



How does it behave with this URL? I filed a report that it crashes 0.23.73 on Windows 10.



Hi @ardent73

@eljunois correct. Additionally, we’re aiming to have this resolved with our move to 1.0 (you can read about that here: https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/) but it will not be resolved with our current muon browser.

@rgnixon @MikeCondra those are different from this issue. @MikeCondra thanks for opening a separate thread, I’m going to close this one since it’s macOS based and will gather info on the windows issue over on this thread: Brave process terminates when loading URL




Hi @ardent73

We’re currently moving toward the rewrite of Brave which includes using Chromium’s native UI. We’ve started putting builds out there for users to take a look at the re-write, which you can find here: https://brave.com/download-dev/

You’re welcome to try out the re-write now if you’d like and play around with it a bit - see if you have the same issue. However, there are some things to be aware of:
• it’s still very early and many features are missing (Tor, Sync, functional Brave Payments just to name a few)
• it crashes, more often than we’d all like right now
• some sites have issues with web compatibility
• these are not official dev channel builds however they will be automatically updated as new versions are released

There’s more, but that’s the big stuff that I can think of at the moment. It’s very much “use at your own risk” right now and not really suited to be a daily driver, but it will give you a peek into what’s coming. You may also enjoy this reddit post from our CTO: https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/9dkbpi/the_rewrite_of_brave_named_brave_core_is/

If you do decide to try our new version out, please let us know if you find any issues in a new thread, you can write one up here: https://community.brave.com/c/developer-builds