0.23.105 Cant remove Pinned Tabs



Hi guys,
I cant delete pinned tabs in Brave Version 0.23.105 on Windows 10 64bit. I just read that this would be avaible in Version 0.20.x, so maybe I couldn’t just find it, but I tried everything and so I hope you can help me out!
Thank you in advance!!!


Hi @smkyoky, this pinned tabs issue has been around for a while (unfortunately). You can see the logged issue here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/13185

As you can see, its unlikely to see a fix in the Muon build. When I personally had this issue, I was able to unpin tabs by: individually clicking each pinned tab into focus, unpinning it, then waiting for it to “unpin” - that is, to return to normal tab size. Then, I’d unpin each one in the same way. Then, I went through one by one and closed each tab. Then closed the browser, and upon restarting the pinned tabs no longer showed.

If that doesn’t work or you simply don’t feel like doing that, I’d direct you to what Clifton said at the bottom of that issue:

For folks ready to try an experimental build, you can download the Developer channel of Brave here (where the issue is fixed):

Since it is experimental and some features (payments, sync) do not work, the Developer channel might not be for you. Hang in there :smile: As the code becomes hardened, it’ll make it’s way to the Beta channel and then the Release channel (where you’ll get the fix!)


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