0.13.5 for OS X locks up



I’ve been having a lock up issue with 0.13.5 on all 3 of my OS X machines.

When some web addresses are entered in to the address bar, it locks the browser up and the only thing I can do is close it and re-open it. One site is fidelity.com. If I enter the full address (http://www.fidelity.com) it works fine. If I use just ‘fidelity.com’ it locks up. Sometimes I can delete the address out of the address bar, but I can’t click through my tabs any more or type in the address bar so I have to just close it and re-open.

Had this issue the other day with a different site but I can’t recall what site it was. I’m getting old and forgetful.

I haven’t tried clearing my website data and I’d prefer not to.

If you need any more info, I’ll do what I can to get it for you. Thanks!


Also just had it lock up if I just type a search subject in the address bar.

Had a YouTube vid playing in one of the tabs and it kept playing (I could hear the audio), but I couldn’t click on the tab. I had to close the browser and re-open.

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