0.01 BAT per Ad - and - 35 BAT for withdrawal from Uphold?

I understand the Ethereum gas fees blowing up due to the Defi garbage tokens emerging every day, but with 0.01 BAT per ad, it’ll be two months before i make 35 BAT just for the uphold network fee lol…what ever happened to 0.1 BAT per Ad?
Looks like i’m done with BAT network participation if this is the case.

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Yes this is issue need solution

Please fix this issue @steeven @Mattches

It is not fixed in mobile but in pc is kind of fixed

i have seen 20 BAT transactionsfee … its an nogo


so i cant tranfer my 12.865 BAT to my pers, wallet :frowning:

using uphold mobile app, this network fee will be very less compared to uphold website. @zolw

not really :frowning: i get this as mesage … same fee

I am seeing 20 BAT transaction fees this month, september 2020.
What the heck is going on?

Network FEE !!! i have take a look at binance … on binance transfer to external wallet aso will cost 24 BAT FEE :frowning: … so at the moment BAT/uphold is unusable :frowning:

it will take around 3 months to pay the fee :wink:

Is this gonna be like this from now on? Or will it reduce in future?

that will probably depend on the development of the ETH network fee … because BAT is a token for it

so i said that it is currently unusable … if you want to insist on the payout

Just exchange BAT to XRP because xrp has low network fees (1 or 2 bat only) then send xrp to another wallet (external)

Yes, They do have some metrics on this fee. I think as you are trying to transfer less bat, you are seeing that network fee.

When I tried to transfer 120BAT, there isn’t any fee they are charging to me.

Here the support link i find from uphold for transaction costs & limitations:

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