0.0 BAT Since 1 Month Why?

I have been using brave browser since 1 month but i didn’t get any BAT Token Why

Did you receive any ad notifications during that time?
Could you open chrome://rewards/ads and tell me what you see?

Rewards from watching ads don’t directly go into your wallet. First they appear as “Estimated pending rewards” at the link above. At the 5th of each month you’ll get the chance to move them to your wallet. In the beginning it could happen, that the first payout is skipped.

If this does not apply to you, please let me or the forum know to help you further.

@ Medjan
I didn’t received any ad notification during the time i installed
Estimated pending rewards


This are my screenshot i get from chrome://rewards/ads

@Bikramgurung brave ads are currently limited to few selected countries. UK, USA GERMANY, FRANCE AND CANADA

If you are based in one of these countries
Then please check you computer’s locale and regions settings to make sure it matches your country then visit ads-serve.brave.com/v1/catalog

That mean ads are only showing in UK, USA, GERMANY,FRANCE and Canada only.
I am from Nepal ASIAN.


I also have not receive any reward since I used Brave (nearly 02 month ago). What happened, evenly not counted my ref.
Pls check my acc: michaeltiep@gmail.com

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