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Site Blocking This is the reporting section for sites which we block via the 'Block Phishing / Malware' feature in Brave Shields. Sync This is a category for Sync related issues. Web Compatibility Web compatibility is focused testing on the core features of sites and making sure they work with Brave at least as well as other browsers. Ad Blocking This category is focused on testing and reporting on ad blocking for the sites listed and those you visit often. Payments This category is to discuss all things Brave Payments. Please refrain from opening topics asking about how to buy BAT, when will integration with the browser occur, etc.
How to Submit an Efficient Bug Report (READ FIRST if you are reporting for the first time) [QA, Bug Reports, Feedback] (3)

Bug reporting - Format and Template Note (skip to bottom if you’re just here for the template itself) We at Brave are strong proponents of open source collaboration. We would not be where we are without the help of ou…

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