Legacy (Muon)   iOS - Feature Requests

Peek and Pop (3D Touch) For Links (3)
Viewability of popular video content types (Gif, videos) severely impaired by design. See screenshots (3)
Auto Fullscreen (3)
When will Brave for iOS use WKWebView and will it still support iOS 9.3? (4)
Saving images to non default location (3)
RememBear Compatibility (2)
WKWebView and/or Firefox migration (2)
Better integration of Password Manager (9)
Bring Back the New Tab Shortcut (1)
Please Bring Back # of Tabs Open Indicator (4)
Allow iOS apps to open internal links with Brave by default (4)
Clicking on an email address opens Mail program for email not Googles email site (1)
iOS support lacking for common video streaming and video gifs (5)
Back Button History for iOS (2)
IOS 1.6.5 - please add back ability to move bookmarks (1)
Request for reverse image search on ios (1)