Legacy (Muon)   Feature Requests

Controlling Install location? (3)
Gray is so depressing! (4)
Paste/Upload image to Facebook (17)
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Any sort of customization? (3)
Built-in screenshot tool (6)
Loading Chrome Plugins and other browser extensions in Brave (1)
Provide a way of setting webtorrent download location (3)
Built-in encryption solution for secure emailing functionality without addons for all email services (19)
Pinned tabs should stay in the window they were pinned in ( 2 ) (27)
Brave for ChromeOS (2)
YouTube videos don't open in full screen (5)
The horrible horrible new YouTube pause overlay should be blocked with embedded videos too (4)
Make brave more compatible with flash and html5 (4)
Saving open tabs (4)
View Frame Source (4)
Brave Protection from Meltdown/Spectre? (12)
Storings passwords to password manager (3)
Spell Check other languages (9)
(Solved) Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (5)
Tor Integration For Android & iOS browsers (5)
Change install folder (3)
Is Mozilla's new Quantum engine not an option anymore? (7)
[Android] Immersive fullscreen mode/fullscreen mode without status bar at the top (3)
Configuring SSL certificates (2)
[Closed] Any plans to add RoboForm (3)
Speed Dial Feature (3)
Language setting - Please add English (UK) within language drop down menu (17)
[Closed] FIDO 2FA Support Please (Yubikey, Trezor) (5)
Faster Startup Times? (10)