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Release Notes Reference

Release Notes Running list of release notes for each version update. If you notice that this list has not been updated, please message me directly (@Mattches) and let me know.

v0.65.120" (Latest release -- Hotfix …

3 April 28, 2019
About the Community Resources category 1 November 3, 2018
Support Templates Reference 2 June 4, 2019
Useful Screenshot and Screen Recording tools to capture on-screen behavior 1 January 28, 2019
For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core 4 December 18, 2018
Still encountering unwanted pop-up ads on Android? Here's how you can help 3 November 28, 2018
New Community Changes/Layout! Please Read! 4 February 20, 2019