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Brave-Ads Support Support and troubleshooting for the first advertising platform built on privacy. Android Rewards Hi! Alex from the User Research team here. Publishers The Publishers category is here to help publishers understand what is needed to verify their properties with Brave. Rewards Support Post here for support when using the Brave Rewards platform.
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About the Brave Rewards category 3 May 20, 2019
Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Hi everyone, I understand that having your account under review can be a very stressful and uncertain experience – however, we kindly ask that you do NOT open threads on Community asking about the status of your account…

106 May 9, 2019
Brave Rewards -- Common Publisher Questions (PLEASE READ)

Publishers and Publishers to-be, Please take the time to read through this brief FAQ that answers many questions you are likely to ask or be asked when participating in Brave Rewards. Please ensure that you read this thr…

3 March 17, 2019
A note to Publishers

Hello Creators, We’d like to clarify some expectations about the BAT grants that we make available to Brave users. First, some basics. We’ve built Brave Rewards to make it possible for Brave users to reward content cre…

3 March 14, 2019
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