Brave Feature Requests

Mobile navigation UI elements at the bottom [Android Requests] (3)
Use Ctrl-Tab to switch to the last-used tab (instead of left or right tab) [Desktop Requests] (1)
Add an option to block images in the brave browser [Android Requests] (1)
When will i be able to add a picture in home and link shortcuts [Desktop Requests] (1)
Pin/fingerprint Lock on android [Android Requests] (4)
FEATURE REQUEST: Empty 'New Tab' page [Desktop Requests] (13)
Apply Permanently - An addition to Apply Once [Desktop Requests] (1)
Automatic answer to cookie popups [Desktop Requests] (7)
Able to put multiple windows into one [Desktop Requests] (4)
Instart Logic and Invasive Ads/Tracking [Desktop Requests] (3)
"Brave Redemption Token" [Brave Feature Requests] (1)
NO "Hide Others" keys command like every other application for MacOS! WHY? [Desktop Requests] (5)
Open certain websites/pages always via TOR [Desktop Requests] (1)
Reader View Mode [Desktop Requests] (4)
The favourite bar for iPad [iOS Requests] (1)
Option to choose tab close button X position (Left or Right) [iOS Requests] (1)
Include webview implementation [Android Requests] (1)
Restore Original Tab Grouper [Desktop Requests] (3)
Basic Bookmark Manager [Desktop Requests] (2)
Feature request: Tabs on the side [Desktop Requests] (10)
Full window video rather than full screen [Desktop Requests] (1)
Why not a Menu Bar? [Desktop Requests] (13)
Addressbar Outline/Frame Color [Brave Feature Requests] (1)
F-Driod Release [Android Requests] (1)
Avast Passwords Manager Extension [Desktop Requests] (2)
Add a toggle to make brave instances per-instance instead of per-tab in private mode [iOS Requests] (1)
Alternative search engines for tor browser window [Desktop Requests] (2)
Speed dial and bookmark import from another third party browser [Desktop Requests] (5)
DNS lookup privacy [Desktop Requests] (3)
Floating video for ios [iOS Requests] (1)