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Dark mode for mobile (2)
IOS Sync Menu Not Found (2)
Multitouch Finger Gesture for iOS app (1)
Set Brave as défaillance browser on iOS (2)
Option to close tabs on exiting (i.e. swipe-closing) the app (6)
The favourite bar for iPad (1)
Option to choose tab close button X position (Left or Right) (1)
Add a toggle to make brave instances per-instance instead of per-tab in private mode (1)
Floating video for ios (1)
Add esktop mode for ios (3)
Desktop site by default option (7)
Don’t let native apps hijack links, keep browsing in Brave (3)
Audio only video feed - screen off? (1)
User filters for ad blocking (1)
Fullscreen and picture in picture (1)
Search/Address Bar accessibility (2)
Private only light mode (3)
Clear History feature (3)
Please Force-Enable Zoom (2)
iOS Brave Weebly compatibility (1)