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Features from old Brave (6)
Bookmarks Bar Feature With Icons Only - PLEASE! (5)
Warning when closing windows with multiple tabs (1)
Startup command line switches (1)
Speed dial and bookmark import from another third party browser (3)
Lock brave profile (2)
Touchbar on MacBook Pros - switch to text input for emoji and text completion (1)
Easy access widgets (1)
Option for "Open link in foreground tab" (3)
Smaller bokmarks bar letters and icons as a option (4)
Please bring back Session Tabs! (3)
FEATURE REQUEST: Empty 'New Tab' page (5)
Lazy load tabs on the new browser update (3)
Tabs placed on top: how do I move them back? (5)
What happend to the tab limits per page? (3)
Persistent Pinned tabs like Muon on Mac, or Chrome on Windows (1)
Scripts Blocked as a Button (2)
“Open link in new tab” doesn't focus on the new tab (4)
Can I get the same behaviour as in FF's Multi-Account Containers extension? (1)
Request Extension(s) (3)
Request: Drop the Chromium Engine (6)
Wanting better saved-password security with Brave's built-in manager (2)
Home page "house" button (4)
Shutting off sound with multiply taps (2)
Bookmark display Icons only (4)
Regarding updating laptop browser with latest chromium and other 3rd parties - resolved (1)
FEATURES REQUEST: old style Chrome/-ium tabs (corved vs. rectangular) (1)
Reader View Mode (3)
Add an option to always show or hide https:// or http:// in the address bar (1)
Would love to see a (pref. native) CSS/JS injector! (1)