Brave Feature Requests   Desktop Requests

Automatic page translation integration (2)
Request that browser tab that is active have a lighter color so the eye can find it faster when a LOT of tabs are open at once (1)
Soft scrolling within pages, known from Firefox (1)
Offer Ecosia as a search engine option (7)
Bookmarks bar text only option (2)
Bookmarks tags in Brave (4)
What's up with Vertical Tabs? (2)
Brave's own media downloader (18)
Apple safari Feature (3)
Add more top site tiles to the Home page of the desktop browser (2)
Tabs within a tab (1)
Hoping for Notification Numbers on tabs (3)
Deleting browsing history (2)
"New Tab" customization (3)
Brave, Fedora 30 & Flatpak (1)
New Tab for Private Windows (2)
Custom Install Path (1)
Apply Permanently - An addition to Apply Once (2)
Add separators for better bookmark management (2)
Multiple basic feature requests that Brave is still lacking, especially as it relates to Tor (3)
Todoist Extension Review (2)
LastPass implementation (3)
Add support to open PDF Files (2)
My wishlish , crtl-tab switch, custom right click menu, events binded like in firefox (1)
Block user-defined websites (1)
Full Screen Mode In split windows (3)
Why is the Email Link missing in the new browser? (1)
Loaded extension notification warning (extension bar) (2)
Tab group feature (1)
Bookmark Bar Features (1)