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About the Android Requests category (1)
Add "block all cookies" shield to mobile Brave app (same as on desktop) (2)
Mobile navigation UI elements at the bottom (3)
Add an option to block images in the brave browser (1)
Pin/fingerprint Lock on android (4)
Gboard Incognito mode in private browsing (3)
Include webview implementation (1)
F-Driod Release (1)
Brave for Android OS really needs a Dark Mode (2)
Improve Download Manager (1)
Blacklist for everything brave misses (1)
Disable Incognito Blocker (1)
Google extensions (2)
Video download feature (1)
Make a menu to hide the 'Brave' icon (1)
Load in background tab and auto-reload (1)
Manual rearrangement of bookmarks (1)
Buttercup Password Manager required (2)
Translation feature for android browser (1)
Starting page/ tab in Brave for Android (1)
Always show adress bar (1)
Transparency request (4)
Text reformatting to fit a mobile screen (as in Opera mobile) (5)
"Save-Data: on" HTTP header (3)
New tab page improvements (4)